Our National Philanthropy

Speech and Hearing

According to the World Health Organization, more than 360 million people have disabling hearing loss, with the greatest prevalence living in developing countries. Unfortunately, less than three percent of these individuals can afford hearing aids or even have access to the care they need. The Starkey Hearing Foundation is working tirelessly to change this by building strong partnerships, empowering local teams, and expanding our three-phase Community-Based Hearing HealthCare model around the world

In 2006, Delta Zeta’s National Convention voted to make Starkey Hearing Foundation a philanthropic partner with Delta Zeta for the cause of speech and hearing. In 2015, Delta Zeta named Starkey Hearing Foundation as our national philanthropy project. That same year, Delta Zeta made a pledge to raise $5 million in 5 years, and in 2021, we completed that goal. Starkey Hearing Foundation uses hearing as a vehicle to reflect caring and change lives around the world. As a member of Clinton Global Initiative, Starkey Hearing Foundation has pledged to provide more than one million hearing aids to people in need this decade and currently gives more than 175,000 hearing aids annually. Delta Zeta is proud to partner with this organization to bring a better quality of life to many people worldwide. 

ASDC is the premier source of information for people who must make decisions about deaf children: parents, families,  providers, educators, legislators, and advocates.

ASDC sets out the following principles, which ASDC believes apply universally to deaf children, their families, and the professionals who serve them. These principles apply regardless of whether the family chooses a cochlear implant for their child, hearing aids, other hearing technology, or no hearing technology at all.

Please contact Becca Trlak, VP of Philanthropy, with any questions regarding philanthropy,